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At SUBJX, we are bound by one goal. To affect a revolution of thought, perception, and action. We are a movement to redefine the impact of charity. We are a coordinated force to wield decentralized power. We are a community fueled by the absence of barriers or prejudice.

We are the inertia that can not be paralyzed by a transient force. We are the gatekeepers of goodwill, and we are ready to open the gates. In order to envoke this change and back up our claims, we have developed a multi-faceted system of contribution and communication. We will be donating 15% of all profits to various charities and organizations selected upon their level of emergency, the proceeds will always be going directly to whatever or whoever needs it most.

We will also be providing sustainable products through recycled materials and environmentally friendly production methods. Beyond donations and sustainability, our team provides a variety of services through our social media platforms and discord server.


These services include 24/7 assistance for mental health and drug abuse, general life advice, community events giving everybody a chance to do their part, specialized giveaways, and a family to grow and connect with.


This is so much more than just clothing...this is SUBJX.

Our Mission

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